The McKinley Elementary School Sustainability and Beautification Committee is guided by simple truth. The more habits, actions, and student behaviors are synced with life’s natural cycles and rhythms, the better our quality of life. We assist the school community to live in greater balance with natural cycles and increase school quality of life by,

  • Encouraging active green living
  • Enhancing the school campus natural environment
  • Modeling efficient and sustainable resource use
  • Increasing understanding of the food cycle from the ground to the table, then back to the ground
  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Showing respect for one another and life
  • Managing the school garden
  • Nurturing understanding and appreciation for life’s natural cycles
  • Promoting respectful, harmonious interaction between community members
  • Reinforcing beliefs and habits students carry through life

The McKinley Elementary School Sustainability and Beautification Committee, composed of parents volunteers and school staff, organizes student and family events, teaching, garden classes and educational programs to realize this purpose.


Interested in volunteering with the SBC? Here are the printable forms:


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Want to help the school while shopping? Please see our Fundraising page, including a coupon for Good Life Organics vegetable boxes

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