After coordinating the student assembly with Grades of Green, launching the fifth year of the trash free lunch program and organizing the first Campus Beautification Day in September, the Sustainability and Beautification Committee is leading, this month of October, more student green programs such as the Bike It-Walk It fall edition, the garden classes, the recycling program, the compost program, the Car Free Fridays and the garden workshop for the school staff and new SBC volunteers.  

As you have probably heard, our SBC Committee organizes the Bike It-Walk it event at McKinley every year and we were pleased again this year to see so many students excited to participate in this alternative transportation program. Once again, the McKinley students and their community won the City challenge with the highest participation at the Bike It-Walk it among all the Santa Monica Schools at 84.08%! McKinley students maintained this high percentage for few years now! It is actually the six consecutive edition that McKinley won!!  We were over 30 SBC parents and staff to volunteer during the 2-day event. Congrats to all the student participants and to all of you!! SBC also appreciated and is grateful for the active and continuous support from our community partners: City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Police Department, Performance Bike on Wilshire Blvd, Giant Bike on Main street, and Santa Monica Mid-City Neighbors association. Do not hesitate to thank them when you see them :)

Update also: We completed the garden training workshop led by the Garden School Foundation during three weekends. Thanks to our three instructors from the Garden School Foundation: Abigail, Evah, Kathryn and Special Thanks to Whole Foods Marketfor their strong support and partnership for our workshop and garden program!! 

The garden beds have been updated with new signs for each class participating in the school garden program and the garden is now fully operational. Most of the garden beds have been prepared for a full school year of new green learning and enchantments for the students! 

Thanks so much to all the SBC volunteers for their time and effort once again this year!!!

If you are interested in helping to develop a greener campus, please join our SBC committee of parents & staff involved in promoting Sustainability, green student programs and events, managing the school garden and beautifying the campus for our students. Please contact

Stay tuned for more green in the coming weeks!!







The McKinley Elementary School Sustainability and Beautification Committee (SBC) is guided by simple truth. The more habits, actions, and student behaviors are synced with life’s natural cycles and rhythms, the better our quality of life. We assist the school community to live in greater balance with natural cycles and increase school quality of life by,

  • Encouraging active green living
  • Enhancing the school campus natural environment
  • Modeling efficient and sustainable resource use
  • Increasing understanding of the food cycle from the ground to the table, then back to the ground
  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Showing respect for one another and life
  • Managing the school garden
  • Nurturing understanding and appreciation for life’s natural cycles
  • Promoting respectful, harmonious interaction between community members
  • Reinforcing beliefs and habits students carry through life

The McKinley Elementary School Sustainability and Beautification Committee, composed of parents volunteers and school staff, organizes student and family events, teaching, garden classes and educational programs to realize this purpose.


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