Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Jog-A-Thon?  +

A 15 “Fun Run” on the McKinley playground to raise funds for our school! We want to have fun, support our kids, encourage physical fitness and raise funds for our school. The Big Day is Friday, March 1, 2024 all day – class times will be distributed ahead of time.

Why is the Jog-A-Thon important to our school?  +

With a goal of $68,000+, the Jog-a-thon is McKinley PTA’s biggest fundraiser for our school. The money we raise supports: PS Science, Campus Monitors, Student Council, Student Gardens, AASG, ELAC, Reflections, computer software, and field trip buses and more.

Does every student participate?  +

Yes. This includes preschool and our special education students! Students in TK-5 “train” for the event in P.E.

What does the PTA need from me for Jog-A-Thon to succeed? +

Parent/Guardians are asked to solicit donations from friends, family, neighbors and local businesses to “sponsor” their student’s participation in the fun run. We make it easy to raise money by launching family pages and providing sample letters and social media posts.

What are this year’s Student Prizes?  +

  • All students will receive a t-shirt and celebrate with a popsicle party
  • Biweekly Raffles - students who raise $1 or more during the week will be entered to win. Raffle runs from February 9 to March 8.
  • Class Prize: Classes with 75% or more students who participate will enjoy a Pajama Day!
  • Schoolwide Prize: If we reach our $68,000 goal, there will be a Lunch Time Dance Party and we get to slime Ms. DW!
  • Grand prize: Includes a brand-new bike from Helen's Cycles!

How can I donate?  +

  • Online on your student's fundraising page.
  • By Check: Make your check payable to "McKinley PTA". Include student's name, grade, and teacher's name. Mail to: 2401 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • By Cash: Use the Jog-A-Thon envelopes in the office and include your student's name, grade, and teacher's name. Submit envelopes in the Jog-a-Thon Box.
  • In-Kind (i.e. items for the raffle or silent auction). Complete this form

How do I launch my child's fundraising page?  +

I have multiple students at McKinley. Do I need to launch separate pages for each of them?  +

Yes, if you wish for your donations to count toward your student’s classroom participation total. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What does my child need for the day of the race?  +

Students should wear clothes that are easy to run in, including shorts or loose pants, t-shirt and sneakers. On the day of Jog-a-Thon, each student will be given this year’s Jog-a-Thon shirt to wear during their run. If you have a blue McKinley sweatband from 2021 Mov-a-Thon, wear it! Bring your own water bottle!

Can I sponsor the McKinley Jog-A-Thon as a business?  +

Yes! Make your donation through your student's fundraising page and be sure to include your business’s name under “Signature”. Learn more here.

I can’t donate to the campaign. What can I do to help?  +

We need volunteers. You can also provide an “In-Kind Donation” for our silent auction or biweekly prizes. Small gift cards to local businesses, such as from where you work, are great raffle items. For the silent auction, what does really well are experiences. 


Here is some inspiration:

  • Cooking Lesson - McKinley is a diverse school and we know that children want to learn more about how to eat and prepare foods eaten by their friends from different cultures.
  • Sewing, Seamstress Work, Knitting or Crocheting Lessons
  • Dance Lessons
  • Wellness Sessions 
  • Homemade Baked Goods - last year a family donated challah.
  • Handyman or Household Services - you can offer a “gift certificate” for your services and specify the total value
  • Teach a child how to ride a bike

We also welcome volunteers!

  • Join the Committee - help needed with event planning, data entry, printing (posters, flyers, etc). Email!
  • Day-Of Volunteers. A signup genius will go out via Lion's Roar & Room Parents in mid-February

Are there templates to make it easy to ask for sponsorships?  +

Yes! View Sample Emails & Talking Points here.

I want to support our sponsors. Where can I find a list?  +

View list here.


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